Checklist of Where to Find Staff

  • Newspaper advertising generally reaches a wide number of people. It is good value on a local level, but can be riskier in regional areas. Your cost will depend on the length of time your advertisement stays in the paper and also the size of your advertisement.

  • Make sure that the advert gives a full outline of the job and its requirements. It is important not to ask for too much in the advertisement, otherwise you may find good candidates do not apply because the advertisement requirement sounds too difficult.

  • Clearly describe the job requirements, the experience wanted, the knowledge applicants must have, and your contact number. Some employers prefer to give the salary range to reduce the number of unnecessary or unqualified interviews.

  • You can also find new employees at job centres. Simply describe the position and the type of employee you are seeking. The job centre will do the rest and find potential employees for you.

  • Another effective method is word of mouth. Let current employees know another person is needed and ask if they know anyone who may be suitable. They can check with their family, friends and other associates. Often a well-qualified person will become available this way, without time or money being spent on advertising.

  • Shop window advertising is another way to find employees. Placing a notice on a shop window won’t cost much.

  • Recruitment agencies are probably the second most commonly used method after advertising. Agencies charge for their services. The main advantage is the readily accessible database of potential employees. They also carry out the necessary interviews and qualify people before you see them. Your time is saved, but at a cost.

  • Internet advertising is another common method. This is becoming more and more popular because of the speed and low cost involved.

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