Checklist of What is Contained in an Annual Report

  • Letter - A letter to shareholders from the CEO or Managing Director or President.

  • Results - A summary of the previous year’s results.

  • Information - Information about the company, including its structure (and changes) products, services and subsidiary operations.

  • Elaborate - A full detail elaboration on the company’s financial activities and results.

  • Financials - A copy of the financial statements themselves, that is, a copy of the Profit and Loss (or Revenue) Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statements.

  • Notes - Notes are added related to the financial statements and include explanations or reasons for the results that are shown.

  • Other Info - It may also contain other information about the company, which often is not included every year in the documents, but may relate to a happening in that particular year. For example, there may have been a disaster in one of the subsidiaries, due to unforeseen events, (i.e. an earthquake etc) important enough to be noted separately.

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