Checklist of Responsibilities of Bosses

The responsibilities of an employer in business are many and complex. As an employer, you should sit down with your accountant and lawyer, and document all the areas that have to be complied with, so you don’t fall foul of any law or regulation.

Some of the areas that an employer should be aware of include the following:

  • Taxation responsibilities.

  • Keeping good records.

  • Avoiding discrimination.

  • Sexual harassment.

  • Making sure health & safety methods and cover is in place.

  • Providing superannuation.

  • Providing safe and healthy workplace conditions.

  • Allowing employees to join unions if they require.

  • Employment of underage people.

  • Conduct of interviews.

  • Watching any Human Rights Act and the Privacy Act requirements.

  • Making sure employment agreements are in place for all employees.

  • Complying with requirements of annual leave and special leave

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