Checklist of Papers in Your New Asset Protection Plan

  • A modern flexible trust deed.

  • A memorandum of wishes for the trust.

  • A minute book.

  • Agreements for the sale and purchase of property if necessary.

  • Certificate of tile and evaluations for property and assets.

  • Any deeds of acknowledgement of debts, recording the loans made by you to your trust.

  • Deeds of reduction of debt and gift statements showing the gifts made and how the debt has been settled.

  • Draft minutes for future loan, future loan repayments, future asset purchases, future income distributions etc.

  • A deed of trust for assets, declaring the assets have been transferred to the trust.

  • A new will which would normally leave all the assets to your trust if that is part of the protection plan.

  • Enduring powers of attorney.

  • A trust account showing the running total of the loan balance owing to you including a record of the initial loan made by you to the trust, the gifts of that loan made by you, future loans by you and any loan repayments made by you.

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