Checklist of Main Ways to Resolve Problems

Some of the techniques that you should look at include.

  1. Resist the temptation to make a long list of the reasons why the other party should change.
    Simply tell them what needs to be done and don’t rationalise or argue further. The more you do that the more they will resist and you will only be wasting your own time.

  2. Make statements.
    It is best to make clear representation such as ‘if you do this and this, I am going to have to do this and this’.

  3. Keep notes and read them back.
    Where you are receiving constant criticism or a barrage of insults, silently take note of what has been said and then read them back later to the other party. This is often better than trying to defend each point.

  4. Diffuse heated discussion.
    Where the discussion becomes heated it is a good ploy to excuse yourself to go to the bathroom and that will diffuse the argument quite quickly.

  5. Give compliments.
    It is a good idea to give compliments to the other party now and then during a conflict. This has the effect of catching them off guard and making them far less defensive.

  6. Count to ten.
    Before you charge into a solution or before attempting to fix a particular problem it is a good idea to count to ten and then hold back for ten minutes or so before carrying out any action.

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