Checklist of Compensation the ACC can pay you

  • Weekly Compensation - the ACC will pay you 80% of your lost weekly earnings and this will start from the second week onwards with the first week payable by your employer

  • Medical Treatment – The ACC will pay for some of the costs of your doctors, dentists and other specialists where this is required.

  • Loss of Earnings if under 18 – The ACC will pay you compensation for loss of any future earnings due to injury if you are under 18.

  • Rehabilitation – The ACC will help you get back into being independent and into the workforce. Generally a case manager is assigned to you and he or she will work with you and develop a rehabilitation plan.

  • Lump Sum Compensation – If you suffer permanent impairment as the result of an injury that occurred after 1 April 2002 then you will qualify for a one off payment. The impairment must be assessed by the ACC as being greater than 10%. If it is less than 10% then you will receive no lump sum. If it is 10% then you will receive $2,500 and for 80% impairment you will receive the maximum of $100,000.

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