Checklist of Benefits of Barter to You

The following are some reasons why barter are an option to consider in your business:

  1. You can buy goods on barter that can be converted to cash. This conserves your current cash flows.

  2. It will bring in new customers you may normally not get if cash was not available for the necessary marketing. Because the other party is also a barter member, you are likely to spend more than normal because trade dollars are used, rather than cash.

  3. Barter allows your customers to use more of your products because they don’t need to outlay any cash.

  4. If your business is in a situation where another business owes you money and cannot pay because of a cash shortage, by joining the exchange negotiations can be put in place to use the barter dollars rather than cash to clear the debt.

  5. Barter allows you to buy at normal margins. For example, if you are working on a profit margin of 35% this translates to a 35% discount when you buy on barter.

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