Checklist for Things to Provide on Web Sites

We strongly encourage you to include the following elements in your online marketing sites. These elements will provide your customers with some assurance that you are giving consideration to their rights and interests.

  • Provide adequate address and contact details - phone, fax, email and street address (not just a PO Box number).

  • Itemise costs that would be incurred for the purchase of a particular item (including cost of the product/service, delivery, postage & handling).

  • Include details about the security mechanisms for online payments.

  • Outline your return, exchange, or refund policies.

  • Explain how a customer can lodge a complaint.

  • Specify which legal jurisdiction will apply to the transaction (i.e. yours or the customer’s country), or which disputes resolution processes apply.
  • Show what currency the purchase is in.

  • State any restrictions or conditions that may apply to the purchase (such as geographic restrictions or parental/guardian approval requirements for minors).

  • Include a privacy policy.

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