Checklist for Safe Internet Shopping

Tips that may save you some money and headaches:

  1. Use a company with a secure browser.

  2. Be cautious when giving out any personal information.

  3. Never give your password to anyone.

  4. Make sure that the supplier’s site is secure.

  5. Make sure the company you are buying from has a physical address, rather than just a box number.

  6. Find out the refund and goods return policies of the company you are buying from.

  7. Make sure all costs are included in the price quoted.

  8. Keep a record of all your transactions online.

  9. Check all the details of your credit card statement when it arrives to ensure that proper charges have been charged to your name and that they don’t apply to someone else.

  10. Don’t give the children access to buying on the Internet unless you are present.

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