Checklist for Inventors

What Inventors should do

  1. Stay away from invention marketing companies that advertise on radio and late night TV. They’re out to fatten their wallets and empty yours.

  2. Keep good records about your idea and its development. Some day you may need those records to prove your idea is actually yours.

  3. Build a model. There is no need to get fancy. At first, cardboard, white glue, balsa wood, off-the-shelf parts are sufficient. No matter how simple the idea, prove it works.

  4. Have your invention evaluated by a nonbiased professional. Even if your parents are in the business, take your invention to someone else.

  5. Learn all you can about the process of new product development to better enable you to take your product from a concept in your head to the shelf. Go to your local library or book store. Don’t reinvent the wheel.

  6. Network with other inventors. Join a local inventors organization. Attend conferences and conventions.

  7. Conduct your own patent search. Go to a patent and trademark agency and see if your invention is already patented. If it is, there is obviously no need to go to a patent attorney.

  8. If your patent search shows that your creation has potential, make an appointment with a patent attorney. Show the attorney the results of your search and follow the advice you are given.

  9. Do what you do well and hire professionals to do the rest.

  10. Don’t fall in love with your invention. But if you’re confident you have a winner, hang in there. Even overnight successes take time.

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