Checklist for Disciplining the Staff

If you need to take disciplinary action against an employee make sure the action is justified and that it is carried out in a fair manner. Employment regulations governs all relations between you and your employees.

The regulations require you to act in good faith when dealing with your employee. You need to take the following steps to ensure that any action taken is justified and fair

  • Make sure you carry out a full investigation into the behaviour.

  • Inform the employee of the allegations so they have a chance to think the matter through.

  • Give the employee the right to respond and a fair hearing.

  • Give the employee the right to have someone in support when they are responding to the allegations. This could be a lawyer or a union representative.

  • Inform the employee of their rights. Give them the opportunity to look into the process of what they need to do.

  • Keep the employee fully informed of the process and what you are doing to arrive at a decision.

  • Finalise your action. Once you have heard the employee’s view on the matter you can make a decision and then take action. Make sure the action is carried out fairly and in accordance with the terms of the employee’s employment contract.

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