Checklist for Developing an Export Plan

The following questions should be addressed when putting your export plan together:

  1. What products are to be exported and what modifications are required (if any) to be acceptable to the overseas country?

  2. Which countries are targeted for sales development?

  3. Should you look at the world in general, or focus on two or three countries that can initially be adequately marketed to?

  4. What special challenges, such as competition or cultural requirements, need incorporation into your strategy?

  5. How will your export price be determined?

  6. What operational steps need to be planned for?

  7. What personnel and resources will be required for the exporting programme?

  8. What is the time frame for implementing various sections of your plan in order to meet the milestones set down?

  9. How will your results be finally evaluated and used to modify future export efforts?

  10. What is the cost in time and money for each element of your plan?

  11. Have you researched what the overseas customer profile would be and looked at the marketing and distribution channels required to reach those customers?

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