Checklist for Completing a Business Plan

  • Paint the big picture.
    Look at your business plan from the wide lens of a birds eye view. Your business plan should be a clear outline of all the major sections that you need to include rather than an accumulation of pages and pages of research and information.

  • Be clear on you reasons.
    You need to be clear why you are writing your business plan. Is it to raise money? Or to bring in an investor? Or to launch a new business.

  • Use information you have.
    You will find that there is little need to create new information when most of the data will be available through the records that the business already has. Look at all the marketing information that you have prepared, bring together all the reports that you have, the press releases that you have made and the write ups that the business may have had in various journals etc.

  • Prepare a draft.
    Do not try to complete your business plan all in the one go. Make sure that you work on a rough draft first and then go through that draft two or three times, reading and re-reading and reviewing. When you have finally got it down to where the content is clear, concise and informative then you can print out a final draft for a final look over before going to print.

  • Be like a lawyer.
    You need to do research when completing a good business plan. If you can put yourself in the shoes of the recipient of the plan and include all the information and answers that you know you would raise in their situation then you will be guaranteed of creating a document that is helpful and extensive.

  • Make a deadline.
    You need to set yourself a deadline for completion of the draft and the final product. This means that you will have to have a meeting with all the people that are going to be involved in the input of information. As a team you will all work towards meeting certain milestones along that deadline.

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