Checklist for Benefits of Asset Protection

  • Peace of mind: - You’ll have peace of mind knowing that most of the assets you own through hard work over many years will be protected in case of any unforeseen danger that arises from creditors, taxation authorities or anyone else. That peace of mind extends to the fact that you will have something to leave to your children and grandchildren from all the efforts of the past years.

  • Privacy: - Because everything is done confidentially your privacy is ensured so that you alone, with your adviser, know what has been done to protect your assets. The ownership of your assets is not known to any other party and therefore is safeguarded from their reach.

  • Protection against others: - Your plan will protect all your personal and business assets from creditors and other parties who may feel they have a claim against you.

  • No red tape: - A proper plan will ensure that your estate can be organised with minimum problems and benefit those to whom you wish your assets to go.

  • Reduced tax: - A proper plan, together with sound estate planning strategies will ensure that your family’s overall taxation liability is kept to a minimum.

  • Matrimonial: - A plan will protect your assets from claims under anything to do with your matrimonial situation and especially if you remarry, are divorced or in a de-facto relationship.

  • Your Will: - A good plan will support the terms and instructions that you have set down in your Will.

  • Residential care: - A plan can reorganise your assets for proper ownership changes so you have a better chance of obtaining subsidies which the government provides for those going into a rest home or long term care.

  • Business: - A proper plan would ensure that your business continues on after your death so that it benefits your children long after you have gone.

  • Beneficiaries: - A plan will enable your funds to be allocated to your children at a specified time so they are able to spend it wisely and not lose it.

  • Partners: - A proper plan will prevent the partners of your children from benefiting from any of your assets plus keep those assets away from potential claims under any matrimonial laws. 

  • Flexible: - There can be great flexibility in how your assets are protected, used, or passed on and this flexibility is very important to ensure that your children and your other relatives get the benefit of your net worth, according to your wishes.

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