About Home Business

Work in my slippers all day? …. Wow, that’s cool
Many people dream of a 20 second commute to work rather than a 1.5 hour commute. That would be possible if you were working from home because that’s the time it would take you to walk from your bedroom to your home office.
"Working at home offers comfort, privacy, flexibility, family ..."

Many people see home business as a great option. That extra time normally lost in commuting to work every day could give you another hour or two of sleep. Home operation means a lot more work done without interruptions.

Gone also are the politics that exist in an office, shop or factory situation. If you were seeking a better lifestyle mixed with earning a living then home business is something that you should seriously consider.

Running a successful home based venture does not require magic formulas. You need a viable idea, loads of common sense, sound planning, a basic knowledge of finances plus simple business expertise and you would be ready to go. You would also need a little capital but not as much as required if you were setting up outside premises or offices outside your home.

Is a Home Business Right for You
If you are looking for a business that has very low start up costs, minimal overheads, low vehicle expenditure, coffee on tap and the advantage of being able to give a bit more time to home and family then home business is a good choice.

You will save on rent, operational costs, power and phone etc (these are shared with the home) as well as your commuting costs. The total would probably be less than 1/10 of what they would normally be. And guess what? - You would never be late for work.

Even your wardrobe costs would be heavily reduced because in many cases you can simply wear the shorts that you wear around the house. Some even work in their pyjamas (not recommended in case a client arrives!).

Working at home offers many things - comfort, privacy, flexibility, enjoyment of life and family pleasures. There is nothing more pleasant for a father working at home than for his kids to come “charging in” after school and to greet him with a big ‘hi dad’.