Sales in your Business

The Importance of Sales and Marketing to a Business
There is a basic concept in business that satisfying the demands of customers is one of the most important objectives in any business. Customers who are not happy will not buy and if the customers do not buy you will no longer have a business. In today’s competitive market there is generally a number of suppliers that can produce the products or services that your business supplies.

Customers who are looking for value and for service will therefore pick a supplier who completely meets their needs. If the needs of a customer are fully met they will start to rely on that supplier and will have no need to look elsewhere in the future. This situation will continue while the needs are being met and while other products are not brought to their knowledge that are better in quality or performance or better priced.

This means the company that is able to best satisfy the needs of a customer will become the most successful in the marketplace. This is further complicated because the needs of customers are constantly changing along with the trends or developments in society. It is necessary for a business to determine what the future requirements of a customer would be rather than just planning to satisfy the current needs.

Marketing’s Basic Key Points

  1. Every marketing strategy comes down to one type of marketing and that is, networking.
    The best way to secure a client or customer is on a person-to-person, face-to-face type of confrontation. This works because it makes the business owner find out what the customer’s problems and needs are then setting about how to fulfil them. This is the reason why networking is probably the best marketing method available.

  2. You are not selling products or services; you are selling solutions to the customer or client’s problems.
    Even though you have heard this many times at seminars or in books you have read, it often takes more concentration to appreciate exactly what that statement is saying. People come to buy your products or services because they have a need, and they require that need to be satisfied. If your product or service is able to provide the solution, you will end up with a sale. Your customer’s don’t care how well you do something because they are only concerned with the results you can produce for them to meet needs.

These are the 2 essential elements necessary to turn potential customers or clients into paying customers or clients.

Selling Methods Used Today
The type of customer your business targets will also determine the method of selling you adopt.

Some methods include the following:

  • Selling by mail order where you advertise in a magazine or catalogue, or with brochures sent out to potential customers by mail.

  • Door to door where your sales representatives call on customers at their home or place of work.

  • Direct to the customer where you deal on a face-to-face basis, usually in a retail situation.

  • Mobile sales where you call on a customer at their home or place of business, with your products in a vehicle, as a mobile service.

  • Sale through people who are not end-users. This is sale to other businesses or manufacturers or where you sell direct to wholesalers and retailers, rather than to the consumer.

  • Sale by consignment. Where goods are placed into a store and they are only paid for once the store has sold the item.

  • Telemarketing. Goods are sold through the telephone, either by appointment or by someone making a person-to-person call.

  • Household get togethers. This method of sale involves demonstration of goods by a host or by a demonstrator in the home of a host. An example is Tupperware.

  • Seminars. Seminars are set up to market a particular product and people are introduced to those products by way of presentation at the seminars.