How To - Prepare for a Dispute Tribunal Hearing

You may consult a lawyer to help you prepare for your hearing but you cannot have your lawyer present at the actual hearing.

  1. If at all possible avoid seeing a lawyer if the matter is simple and clear enough and if only a small amount of money is involved. For example - There would be little sense in seeing a lawyer and costing you $200 in fees when the amount of your claim may be only $400. Use common sense.

  2. Before the hearing plan fully what your dispute is all about and make clear notes of what you wish to present. Take your notes along if it will help you when making your presentation.

  3. You can make written submissions to the referee, by writing down all the details of the dispute and give your reason why you feel you are in the right. You can attach your submission to your file before the hearing so it will be in front of the referee right from the start of the hearing.

  4. Make sure you bring all papers and documents or agreements etc to support your case. Bring all copies of emails, photos, letters or receipts – bring everything that would help you get your case across. If you don’t provide the referee with all your supporting documentation your case may suffer and you could lose. Make sure therefore that you prepare well.

  5. If the claim concerns defective goods or items bring them with you if possible so the referee can see what your claim is all about. If you have witnesses that you want to bring, that is permitted.


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