5. Start The Business


Stage 1 - Open for business. Start promoting and advertising.
Open your doors and let the customers in.

If you have employed public relations people to let the world know you are in business, now is the time for them to do their work and promote the business and  its products.

What you should do:

  • Open doors

  • Start promotion of business – PR and advertising more info..

  • Start promotion of product/services more info..


Stage 2 - Start marketing, advertising, sales. Find customers. Look after them.
Start your sales and marketing programs and get your advertising going. It’s time to sell, sell and sell.

Start the sales team going and make sure they understand that a sale is only one sale but a customer can be forever. A happy satisfied customer would bring in many future sales.

Find good customers who pay. Look after your customers by giving them terrific service. Build good relationships and your customers will never go anywhere else.

What you should do:

  • Run Marketing Program more info..

  • Run Advertising Program more info..

  • Run Sales Program more info..

  • Build Customer and Customers Service more info..

  • Work with contractors, manufacturers, outsourcers etc (if applicable)


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