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FAMILY - Discuss with family especially your spouse

Discuss with your Family
How will being in business affect you and your family? This is a question that all potential entrepreneurs with families have to consider when looking at business ownership. There is a lot involved in owning and running a business. All family members have to know and appreciate that things may be a little busy for a while. Things may not be as easy so you will need their help and patience.

Bring every member of your family into your confidences. Hear them out. Consider their views and their feelings - especially your spouse. Things will go a lot smoother if everyone is in the picture and all agree. Explain that it could involve sacrifices for a while but that it would be worth it all in the long run. Men, listen to the counsel of your wives. Ladies, listen to the views of your husbands.

It's also a good idea to hear what the kids have to say. Work together for agreement. If there is strong disagreement - delay starting in business and talk again at a later date. Discuss any concerns and try and resolve them as a family. The ideal situation will be when all 3 groups are happy and in support of it.

There's a saying - “A 3-strand cord is not easily broken”.

Your Wife (or Husband) is Worth more than Gold
If spouses have a respect for and are in love with one another, they each have an irreplaceable ally. Each will be the other's greatest strength and support and biggest fan. In any business, the balance sheet should show that wife or husband as being the most valuable asset the business has. Never make any decision, even in business or financial matters, without talking it through with each other.

For instance, a wife may know nothing about finances, business strategies or legal contracts, but a man's wife has been built with a unique ability to see most situations very clearly and down to earth. Often the wife of a business owner will come out with a statement or suggestion that would never have been considered before. And it solves the problem just like that. She sees the details and the hidden traps very easily.

Call it intuition, sixth sense, or whatever - but its there, and it works. Don't ask us how. In a similar fashion, the husband brings the male attributes of seeing a wider view of things. Often he can look past the trees, when a problem arises, because he bypasses the details and sees the big picture very quickly. Each should respect the other's gifts and take advantage of the natural “inclinations” that have been custom-built into all of us.

Bring them together and you have a powerful force. As each balances the other, proposals can be reviewed from 2 points of views (your own “board of directors”) before making decisions.

Your wife (or husband) is worth more than gold.

Family Support
Business is a lot more than just managing finances and completing deals. There are many human issues involved that can make the difference between success and failure. Problems at home can take a person's focus off what is required in the business and certainly can sap the creative juices needed at times.

If you want to ensure success in your business, rather than failure, one of the areas you should pay attention to is family support. This is often overlooked, but it is very important. Even if there is only one person in the family who is directly involved in the business, support from the rest of the family is sometimes critical in certain situations.

4 Big Steps to Balance your Life
A problem many people experience, especially if they have a business, is that their life is unbalanced. This means they are either spending too much time at work, or too little time at work. It also means they are spending too much time on their own and little time for the family.

The whole of nature runs on a balance. If our winters are too cold, we freeze. If our summers are too hot, we fry. If the cows don't get up at 4.00am we don't have milk. If the trees don't sprout their green leaves, we don't have oxygen and we don't breathe.

The whole of nature is balanced. The Creator had it all wonderfully designed for us and we should learn from that.

We need to balance our lives, because it is at that point we are happy and fulfilled.

Here are 4 steps to help balance your life:

  • Step 1 - Do something else: Seek other activities separate from work. If you work in an office, look for relaxation through outside activities such as building a deck or setting up a garden. Whatever you do, find a change.

  • Step 2 - Work up a sweat: There is no harm working up a sweat once in a while. Thirty minutes of cardiovascular exercise reduces body tension and increases fitness. Exercise takes away anxiety and depression and boosts our self-esteem.

  • Step 3 - Learn to relax: Take on a relaxing activity, but make sure you relax. If a friend wants you to go fishing and you know you will be bored, don't go. Boredom will add to the stress levels you already have. Find activities that will relax you and interest you, and possibly even challenge you.

  • Step 4 - Be around family: Make time to be with your family. They need you just as much as you need them when business gets hectic. Go to McDonalds or Pizza Hut together. Go for a walk together on th beach just before tea time then get some fish and hips to eat on the grass. Climb a small mounting around the city. Family outings and times together will miracularly rid you of stress. Give family first place and you will reap dividends that you would never have expected. And your spouse and the kids will simply love it. Try it and see. But do it today, don't just plan to do it. Tomorrow never comes.

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