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The 4 Big Ingredients in a Top Release
The media are always looking out for great stories that will be of interest to their audience. Reporters are forever hunting for an angle or for a scoop. As far as business matters are concerned they are always looking for stories to do with sponsorship or a gift or a new invention etc.

Here are a few points that will guide you in writing and targeting a good news release.

  1. At all times be newsworthy. A news release should grab the attention of the reporters. If they do they will grab the attention of the public.

  2. Be unique. You have to keep in mind that the media will receive thousands of releases coming to them every day. You have to be unique or special in order for your story to captivate their attention.

  3. Be first. If you are first in some area then that will help to spark the interest straight away. A business which claims to be the best in a particular area is not really a news item but if that company claims to be the first in that area and it is an important area then that will catch the attention.

  4. Be focused. Target your release to a specific reporter, news anchor or program because that will increase your chances of being seen and accepted. You need to find out where your niche or target market ‘hangs out’ and then focus in that area.

Control your Press Release
A press release is a message about a product, service or organization to the media. In order for the media to even look at it, it has to be newsworthy. Newspapers, radio stations and televisions are not interested in giving you free advertising but they are interested in stories that you have which will be of interest to their readers or viewers.

The press release has to be something to do with a product or service. When people take these along to newspaper they wonder why it is not run as a story. The key to the whole thing is being creative.

That is, whatever you are doing, make sure that you turn it into a newsworthy piece.

Here are some suggestions.

  1. Make sure you make the news. All media look for news because they want to gain the attention of their readers or viewers in order to increase ratings.
  2. If you don’t have any news, try and create it. Be creative.
  3. Host an event if necessary. People love events and if you host carnivals or fairs you can use that to your advantage.
  4. Be really smart about your product or service. If you think that your product or service is the hottest thing around then try and make the media think the same.
  5. The main point is to be creative and make sure that your press release is newsworthy.