Areas to Control I-Z

Control - Marketing

About Marketing
Marketing is a process that involves activities and strategies resulting in products being made available to customers which provide satisfaction for those customers and yet leave profits for the company involved. Some have explained marketing as the process where goods are sold to customers who keep coming back for more.

Control Marketing for the New Business
Here are some marketing tips if you are new to business:

  • Know who your customers are or who want to be your customers.
  • Develop a customer referral program.
  • Make sure your store front location is visible if foot traffic or passing vehicle traffic is important.
  • Mix into the local community by being involved in sponsoring and local events.
  • Join up a local organisation and start networking.
  • Send out press releases if possible about your products or services to the local news media.
  • Keep your website open and fresh with new content which will draw people back again and again.
  • Develop a website which will really be an advertisement for your business including how you do things (as well as your products).
  • Advertise where your target market will be rather than where you would like to advertise.

Control these Mistakes in Marketing
Avoid the following mistakes and save yourself a lot of headaches, heartaches and money:

  1. Make sure your marketing plan is flexible.
  2. Do measure results.
  3. Check everything out. Do not rely on what others say.
  4. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.
  5. Make sure you have a marketing plan.
  6. Do not allow your ego to be in the way of having your feet on the ground.
  7. Do obtain the help that you need when you need it.
  8. Do not fix things that are broken – such as your advertising campaign.

No Control means Marketing Disaster
Here are some techniques that will guarantee you marketing disaster.

  1. Do your marketing only when more sales are needed.
  2. Make your receptionist the marketing director.
  3. Expect big results from your marketing budget.
  4. Do not waste time on research at all.
  5. Do not run an ad more than once.
  6. Publish a newsletter once a year.
  7. Do not work with the media or the press.
  8. Make sure your direct mail looks a bit like junk mail.
  9. Don’t seek advice when you need it because it costs money.
  10. Do not waste your money on expensive artwork and logos.
  11. Do not copy what your competition is doing.