Importance of a Press Release

What is a Press Release?
A press release is to do with an announcement of a new product or service. Editors will take the information and publish it as news in their magazine and newspaper. Press releases are a great way to gain free publicity.

To send a press release you need to prepare certain information which will include the following:

  • A cover letter to the editor.
  • The full details of the press release announcement.
  • Any features of the press release.
  • Corporate background details.
  • Evaluation of the product.
  • Technical specifications.
  • Reprint of any past articles.
  • The names of end users and their comments.
  • A picture of your product or details of your service.

How to Write a Press Release
One of the best ways to promote your business is by using public relations. One of the best tools that you can use, especially for a small business, is a press release. What happens is that an article is written from your press release in a newspaper or magazine and this can be covered on the radio to carry more credibility with the public.

Once you have your press release published you can pay to have it reprinted as a normal advertisement. Studies have shown clearly that the public accepts these press releases as having more credibility than a normal advertisement. There is no reason why you can’t write a press release yourself, but if you feel it is out of your area of expertise, a public relations firm can organise it.

There are certain rules to observe if you are putting together a press release. The main one is that you have something worth writing about. That is, you need something that is newsy and interesting, which also promotes your product, service or business.

Good topics that can be used in the press release include the following.

  • The receiving of funding or a gift for a project.
  • Change of location of a well known business.
  • Expanding your products or services.
  • Redesigning your products or services.
  • Opening up of a new business.
  • Bringing in a new manager.
  • New ownership of a business.
  • Adding in an area of expertise to a well known firm.
  • Receiving a patent or trademark.
  • The signing up of a big deal.
  • Any sort of charitable giving.
  • Receiving some sort of significant investment into a business.