Office Paper and Materials

Office Consumables
You need to choose the right paper, envelopes and other types of stationery in order to give your business a professional image. If you buy the right type of consumables you can save money.

1. Paper
Paper is probably one of the biggest costs the business will have. It is used for many purposes. Knowing where to buy it at the right price can save your business a lot of money.

The most common types of paper a business would use are:

  • Copy paper: This paper is used mainly for your photocopiers or printers. Standard copy paper will produce a reasonable quality at cost. It is good for general office use, but it will produce poor results if you want high quality printing.

  • Economy paper: This produces poor printing quality at a low cost. It is good to use for general office use, but if you want to produce important letters and documents, you may have to go for a higher quality product.

  • Ink jet paper: This paper is designed mainly for use in ink jet printers. It costs a little more than copy paper, but it is cheaper than an all-purpose paper. This type of paper is good for general office use.

  • Laser paper: This is designed to give good quality when used with laser printers. It is more expensive than the others and can be used for formal letters or documentation where you want good quality.

  • Weight: Paper has a weight, which is measured in grams per square metre or “GSM”. A higher GSM means the paper is heavier and stronger and will generally allow printing on both sides without affecting the quality. The standard weight for most paper is 80 GSM, 90 GSM, and 100 GSM. The better type paper used for laser and graphics can go up to 160 GSM. Naturally, the higher the GSM the more expensive the paper.

2. Envelopes and Mailing:
Envelopes are sometimes an afterthought when setting up a business. However, an envelope is important because it is the communication from your business to your client. It is the first thing they see.

The following is some information relating to buying envelopes:

  • DL – A4: This type of envelope is for the A4 size documents. They are generally used for single page letters, which don’t need to be folded more than twice to fit the A4 measurement.

  • C5 – A4½: This is for an A4 document that is folded in half. A C5 envelope is used mainly for A5 documents that are more than two pages long. Because you only have one single fold the letter looks more professional, without being too large.

  • C4 – A4: This is for an A4 document without any folding at all. They are used mainly for the very important letters and brochures that should not be folded because doing so would ruin the look.

  • Window envelope: A window envelope allows you to display the address printed on the letter. It looks professional and should be used for almost all correspondence.

  • Weight: Envelopes are weighed in the same way as paper, using GSM. They start at 80 GSM and they can go right up to 125 GSM, depending on the quality you want.

  • Printed Envelopes: Because the envelope is the first thing your customer or supplier will see, many companies print their name and logo on the outside of the envelope.