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What about List Brokers?
A lot of firms will approach a list broker in order to obtain a list to start with. You have to be careful that you don’t get a list that is out of date or that is not heavily used by other mail order people because this cuts down your potential response from customers and your success.

If you are looking at using a list broker, call a number of them and ask for their recommendations. Be careful not to make your final decision based on what they charge you for the list because some of the more expensive lists will probably produce a better response for you.

The low cost lists are usually ones that are well worked or not up to date and they produce a low rate of response. Finding the right mailing list is very important because it will enable you to maximise the response to your efforts and also maximise your profits. Time is also saved through trial and error testing.

Which months should you Mail Out
Knowing when to send out your mailing is also important for success. There is a lot of research being done in this area and all of them have varying results. The following is a standard table that many have used when looking at the dates for sending out their mail. While it is not foolproof it is a guide that can be used. The time of mailing is where you use 100 as the standard for the best time and all other numbers relate to that 100.

  • January 100.
  • February 95.
  • March 70.
  • April 70.
  • May 70.
  • June 65.
  • July 70.
  • August 85.
  • September 80.
  • October 90.
  • November 80.
  • December 80.

Use Toll Free Numbers
Toll free numbers are a good way of allowing your customers to order easily which will help to increase your sales. You have to be careful about this because the costs can have a marked effect on your profits. Toll free means that your caller doesn’t pay but you do.

Some mail order businesses have found that for their product the use of toll free numbers is not really profitable. Others have found that it makes their business more successful. As with everything, you should test out the toll free numbers system to see if it is good for your business or not.

Repeat Business is the Key
Your profits will come from continuous sales.

The following are some of the methods which will help stimulate repeat orders at a low cost:

  1. Never forget the customer. Always send them merchandise or letters to keep in touch.

  2. Use package stuffers. Include other special offers that may bring in other sales.

  3. Offer quantity discounts. Everyone likes a bargain so motivate customers to order large quantities for a discount.

  4. Advertise on envelopes. The printing costs of printing on your envelopes may be low in comparison to the extra sales you can obtain.