Faulty Services under the Act

Faulty Services under the Act

This Includes:

a) Guarantees for Services

  • Reasonable skill and care.
  • Fit for purpose.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Reasonable time.

b) Remedies

  • Right to repairs.
  • Right to cancel contract.
  • Consequential loss.
  • Failure outside supplier's control.

About Services

This page provides information on the services guarantees under the Consumer Guarantees Act and the rights and remedies available to you if the services fail to meet one or more of these guarantees. From 8 July 2003, the Consumer Guarantees Act applies to services relating to the supply of electricity, gas, telecommunications, water, and the removal of wastewater.

This means that from 8 July 2003, any services supplied to you by your electricity, gas, telephone, water company or internet service provider must meet the guarantees under the Act. You can seek a remedy where these services fail to meet any of the guarantees. eg, your electricity gas, telecommunications or water company must supply their services using reasonable skill and care. Suppliers must use reasonable care and skill when reading meters and sending bills.

Note: This applies not just to the company you have a contract with, but also to any trader who supplies you with services. eg, they are sub-contracted by another company to supply these services to consumers. The Act applies to Line services supplied to you even where you don't have a contract with the electricity lines company. eg, an electricity lines company is responsible for maintaining the lines and the power poles; they must use reasonable skill and care in carrying out these services.