Create a Good Web Site

Steps for Creating a Website
When you begin planning your website there are a few steps that you should follow before you ‘go live’ with your new website.

They are:

1. Register a Domain Name
Internet addresses refer to the domain name that you type into a web browser when you are looking for a website. You need to have a domain name for your website which is your unique address on the Internet. When you decide on your domain name (usually the best option is to have your business name if it is still available) you will have to search to see whether it is still available.

(If you cannot have the domain name that you want, think of something that will easily identify your business or something that is not too complicated and long. It’s hard now days to get a good generic domain name (such as

Top Level Domain Names are administered by and you can do a search there to see whether the name you want is still available. If you want a country specific domain name, then you will need to contact the companies that administer the domain names for that country.

For example, if one wants a NZ domain name then one could go to and look at all the companies that register NZ domain names. From there, one can go to any of the company websites and search for my domain name. If it is available, it then can be registered.

If you cannot have the domain name you want, think of something that will easily identify your business or is not too complicated and long. It’s hard nowadays to get a good generic domain name (such as Once you have registered your domain name this will be your address on the World Wide Web.

This registration will last for a certain amount of time (usually 2 years) and when your time is nearly up, you will be remaindered that your registration is due to expire and would you like to continue with your registration.

2. Find an ISP
An account with an Internet Service Provider (ISP) is necessary to connect your business to the Internet (or even if you wish to connect for personal use). There are many companies that offer ISP services in the USA – both big and small. The best thing to do is decide what your business needs are for the internet and then shop around the various ISP’s and see which services they offer.

Then match your business needs with services offered to obtain the best ISP for your business. Finding the right ISP is important for businesses that are going to be online as not only will the standard of ISP service affect business performance, but the costs involved in having an Internet connection can be expensive so you need to make sure that you are receiving the services you require at a fair price.

3. Decide on Content & Graphics
If you are having a website created for you then your web developer will take care of the navigation of the site as well as content and graphics placement according to what is standard in the online Industry at that time. If you are creating your website yourself, then the following are guidelines that you should follow in terms of content and graphics:

What is included in your website content will be dictated by whatever business you are running. Choice of content is very important. There is nothing worse than visiting a website and having to scroll through pages of text.