Making Retail Operation Profitable

The technique of “Up Selling” in your business
Learn the techniques of “up selling”. Up selling simply means suggesting other complimentary items to go with the purchase your customer has made. McDonalds and similar fast food outlets are experts at this. E.g When you order a hamburger, staff members are taught to ask whether you would also like chips for another .50c or a drink to go with the burger.

Up selling should be carried out in such a way that the customer is not offended. On most occasions customers are happy to be reminded of other complimentary items to make their purchases more satisfying.

How to do Product Presentation in your store
The importance of the presentation of your product should not be discounted. If you are not able to present your products so customers can see them, they will not buy. If you don’t have experience in product presentation, bring in a specialist who knows how to set out the stock to achieve maximum exposure to your potential customers.

Some things you should do to present your stock include:

  1. Full.
    Make sure your shelves are always full. Inexperienced retailers make the mistake of only stocking enough items on the shelves based on previous customer demand. If you only have a few items on your shelves customers can easily get the feeling that you are not doing very well and that the stock is old.

  2. Use by Date.
    Make sure you don’t have any stock on display that is past the use-by date. There is nothing more off-putting than buying something with an old use-by date.

  3. Visual.
    Make sure the visual image of your store is attractive. People prefer to go to a well-stocked store. Make sure the products and the shop are displayed in such a way that the whole image is good.

  4. Rotate.
    One way to stop stock going out of date is by making sure it is rotated constantly. Put the old stock at the front, where the customer can reach, and the newer stock at the back.

The 4 major Store Visual Standards
The first impression you give your customers is very important. Your customer needs to see that quality products are available, that the store is clean and attractive and that everything is fresh.

The following are some tools to help improve your visual displays:

  1. Changing layout.
    You can achieve a lot by changing the layout of your shop. This can be done by moving the gondola ends at different angles and moving stock to different locations within the store. In this way people will not get sick of the same offering day in and day out.

  2. Fresh looking.
    Carry out frequent promotion and capture the attention of your customers. In-store promotions are a great way to freshen up the place and give your customers a sense of interest in what you have.

  3. Value for money.
    Make sure you have year-round promotions going all the time. It shows your customers that you are interested in giving them value for money by having specials.

  4. Good bright display.
    Make sure you use colour and eye-catching decor to highlight the items you have, for your customers. The interior and exterior colours and design should be eye-catching and give the appearance to customers of cleanliness and freshness at all times.