Publicity and Promotion

6 Techniques for Getting Free Publicity for your Business
You do not necessarily have to spend a fortune to get your business or your products promoted to your customers or the general public. There are a number of ways that will not cost you a small fortune.

Here are some suggestions:

  1. Do news releases.
    Press releases are used to inform the media of what is happening in your company. If your press release includes a unique, new product or interesting information on your offer, then that release will have a greater acceptance by the news media and a better response from the reading public. Creating a press release isn't hard because basically you start with the most important information you know will interest the reading public and then fill in the extra details around that to make it information, even if it's not exciting.

  2. Sponsorship.
    Sponsor a community event and arrange to provide free giveaways with it and have your companies name blazed across the events, products or free giveaways.

  3. Be an author.
    Contact your local newspapers and see if they are interested in you providing a weekly column or a periodic story on a particular subject in which you have expertise. Because there is no payment involved, newspapers are often very happy to arrange this type of relationship. At the end of your article display your name and business details. This serves to publicise your business.

  4. Use your expertise.
    If you are an expert or a specialist in a particular area then write articles or volunteer your services to make a presentation at a seminar etc. Offer your services as a speaker at a local club or professional association or various business functions that happen all the time in the community. Always bear in mind your listeners are listening because they want information rather than being interested in your company. Speaking out and using your expertise is a good way for getting low cost or free publicity for what you have to offer.

  5. Join the professionals.
    There will always be an association or group in your area that covers your field of expertise or industry. Try and get involved with them and volunteer your services so that you can network with other professionals about your business and your products.

  6. Newsletter.
    A newsletter is a very low cost way of getting your name in front of the public. The rewards can be substantial. A newsletter can be a brief one pager which contains items of interest to your mailing list people or it can be sent out weekly or monthly or quarterly. Anything can go into a newsletter so long as it is not a direct sales pitch. Tips on how to do things or news on what is happening in the local area or the latest developments in technology are items of considerable interest in a newsletter.

".. you don't have to spend a fortune to get your business and your products promoted"

What are the Main Benefits of Publicity?
Publicity has been defined as free advertising. Publicity should not be overlooked in your advertising programme. It is amazing the amount of mileage that a business can obtain by using various forms of publicity for the business and products. For example, you can arrange an interview with the local radio station about your area of expertise. You may write articles for local newspapers or magazines or you may speak at seminars.

To be really useful, you need to present a unique angle to your business or products, rather than just talking about how your operation works. This means you have to convince the editor or programmer that what you have to say will be of interest to their readers or listeners.

Publicity may also include a news release submitted to the newspapers, outlining who your business is and what you have to offer. The news release should be short, but it should contain interesting and important facts that will interest readers. A news release should contain news. It is not an advertisement, as such, but should contain interesting snippets about the uniqueness or the features of your products or services that would interest the readers.