Train Your Salespeople to Overcome their Fears

Many business people freeze when it comes to the function of selling.

They know that they need to sell their products in order to succeed but find this area very stressful and unpleasant.

Here are 8 tips that may help you overcome your salespeople’s’ fear of selling.

  1. Be enthusiastic about what you offer.
    One of the best techniques to overcome your fear of selling is to love your product. If you are passionate and are enthusiastic then it will show through.

  2. Find out the source of your fear.
    You need to delve a bit more and find out exactly why you have this fear so that you can deal with it.

  3. Dealing with past rejection.
    Many people have a great fear of selling because they are afraid they will be rejected. There are strategies to put in place to deal with this rejection and once you are able to win on one incident then your confidence will grow.

  4. Start off in a small way.
    Sometimes people tend to tackle projects that are too big in that they cannot comfortably handle it. If you want to overcome your fear of selling start off small. It is a good idea to sell to a few trusted friends or people that you know will listen to you and not reject you straight away. Slowly build up your confidence.

  5. Share information.
    If you have a fear of selling, maybe a better option is to look at it as sharing information. In other words, tell someone about the product without trying to complete a sale from him or her. Slowly you should move into being able to sell from that. After all, selling is basically sharing information and showing the people that this product that you have will meet their need.

  6. Be focused.
    Keep reminding yourself of what your objective is so that you can keep coming back to it when you feel the fear rising. Tell yourself that conquering your sales fears will enable you to reach your goals and just keep moving ahead on that basis.

  7. Try and approach it in a relaxed manner.
    In other words, look at it from the perspective that you do not have to sell. Make it into an area that is fun or pleasant. Find an interesting way to share your knowledge or passion with people without having to take on the pressure of achieving a sale in that particular case. In other words, make it a fun thing.

  8. Practise.
    Like anything else practise makes perfect. The more you slowly practise your selling skills, the easier it will become.

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