Learn from Your Mistakes - Don't Repeat Them

Let’s stop beating up on ourselves.

These are basic principles that you can apply in business at a time when you feel that it is not worth going on. Never giving up doesn't mean keeping on doing the same thing when it doesn't work.

It means keeping on working towards your goal no matter what and learning from your failures and getting smarter and better each time.

Everyone has a past that they wished they could change but most of the time that can't be done so it should be left at that. It’s human nature to fail.

However, the trick according to the highly regarded speaker and motivator Charles Donoghue is not to make the same mistake twice and to learn from that experience.

He said you should turn your weaknesses and failings into strengths.

He related a story about a hunter who was walking through the woods one day on his way back to camp.

He heard a rustling in the bushes and, as he looked, a lion leapt towards him. He turned and fired two quick shots but missed the lion on both occasions.

Fortunately, for the hunter, the lion leapt over him. The hunter turned and ran as fast as he could back to camp, but all night he lay awake thinking that he must improve his shooting at short range. The next morning he was throwing cans into the air and practising his shots, when he heard a rustling close by.

He parted the bushes to find the same lion practising short jumps.

The moral of this story is to work on your weaknesses until they become your strengths and don't make the same mistake twice.

If you have failed in a business, remember - it is not the end of the world.

It's best to say, 'Okay, I messed up, but this is what I'm going to do about it.'

I’m going to learn never to do that again. I will educate myself and improve next time.

The best owners are those who made mistakes and learned from them.

The ones who never discovered or acknowledged their own faux pas will never make successful business entrepreneurs. They will never make a difference in their own life or in the lives of others.

It's a good thing to go through business life without failing. But unfortunately many of us sometimes fail. It's then a matter of realising that you can't succeed without failing.

Some people fail and they learn a lot before going on to great success. You might fail once or twice, or even ten times. Just remember that each failure will bring you closer to success.

However, learn from your mistakes – don’t repeat them

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