Get Some Holiday Education

and Improve your Business Health

It’s possible you are getting too busy at work and at home, and you need time out for a vacation. This means putting some projects on hold while you take a holiday, to get some stress out of your body.

Even though you feel you should not be away from the business, for the sake of your health you need to take a vacation. Too many people are workaholics. They actually enjoy being busy and they take on business pressures and challenges without even thinking about what it’s doing to their bodies.

They never seem to have enough time in their day or night, so they skip their vacation time because they don’t want to miss anything. The trouble is, it is self-defeating.

Here are some things you need to do to rest yourself and be more fruitful in business:

  1. Take a holiday trip:
    Planning a trip can be exciting. It will stimulate the imagination and everything involved in the holiday can be relaxing. Planning a trip gives you something to look forward to and once you get into the holiday mode, the excitement of visiting a different destination and having time to relax will be very real.

  2. Rest and relax:
    A vacation will relax you. It’s the ultimate tool in stress management, because whether you take a nap in a beach chair or lie under the stars you always feel better on vacation. The expression that a “change is as good as a rest” perfectly describes what a vacation can do. You can't help but find that your mind and body relax when you change your focus, your pace and your view.

  3. Discover:
    The vacation gives you the opportunity to look beyond the tip of your nose to see other places and experience adventure. Even if you don’t plan on travelling, consider being a tourist in your own city or country. Check out the museums or amusement parks. Go to the Art Gallery and discover your own city. Expanding your horizon doesn’t have to involve long distance travel. It may be a trip down south or motoring up north. Consider all options and discover the world. Just remember the world doesn’t necessarily have to be outside your own country.

  4. Spend time alone:
    A vacation also allows you spend some time alone. This is very important, as part of your health programme. Everyone needs time to themselves. Having a quiet time has amazing effects. It relaxes your mind and you see things as they are, and problems are not as big as they appear in the office.

  5. Get rid of burnout:
    Burnout is very real and is a terrible waste. Burnout comes because the person does not make time for himself/herself. You work hard and play hard, and you need a change from time to time. If you feel bored with what you are doing every day or feel yourself losing interest in your work activities, or in other activities you usually enjoy - it’s time to stop. You may be getting close to burnout. Having some time to yourself, for relaxation and vacation helps avoid burnout.

  6. Recharge batteries:
    A vacation will boost your spirits and re-energise you. It will bring back all that creativity, that was pushed down with overwork and you will probably feel more committed to your family, friends and your career.

  7. Live long:
    Your vacation will help you have a longer life. You will find yourself breathing better and easier and the tension will go. Your eyes will rest from that computer screen and you will probably start to get your “old self” back again. Your muscles will be strengthened from walking on the beach or swinging the golf club, and you will feel alive just hearing the birds in the trees. You will probably find yourself overeating, but that’s all part of the fun and you can work it off by lots of walking.

  8. Leave:
    It’s all very well to plan for a vacation, but it’s far better to actually make a decision, fix a date and leave. At that time, leave work and catch up on things when you return.


  • It’s a good idea before leaving to get all your projects out of the way so that when you do come back there will be less to do. When you go on vacation, leave your technology behind.
  • Drop your laptop into your office
  • Leave your pager in your desk.
  • Turn your cell phone off.
  • Close up your computer at home and leave all your work behind.

You are allowed to bring your digital camera, because it is one of the benefits of the vacation is looking back on what you have done and where you have been. Tell yourself that you deserve a break and then just do it.


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