Increase clients and profits in N.Z
Increase clients and profits by belonging to the SRG National Adviser Network in N.Z. This is a national network of advisers that visitors, users and members can be referred to for business, accounting, legal, finance, property and investment work.

Join as an adviser
Join the National Adviser Network and you will receive priority because adviser numbers will be strictly limited.
Available NZ areas: 

You can join as an adviser in the following way:

Premium Adviser - Be a “Premium Adviser” by joining as a "business club" member plus have your own full promotional advt page in SRG. As a Premium Adviser you will also receive a full page colour advert in the leading N.Z online business directory (Entitles you to have priority above listed advisers resulting in highest exposure)

Benefits to You

  • Priority Exposure
  • Increased clientele
  • Increased revenue
  • Promotion of your business
  • Access to “premium” business information not available to others
  • Your promotion page is linked directly to your own web site (if you have one) both from the SRG website and the iLook business directory site.

    Wants more information on the Business Club? Click here

How it works
All enquiries coming via SRG’s and its partners marketing and promotions are directed to an adviser in the enquirer’s area. This could be for an - accountant, financial planner, property investment consultant, lawyer, investment specialist, insurance agent, real estate agent, business broker, finance provider, internet coach, marketing expert, tax consultant or other business categories. You work with enquirers directly and take them on as new clients if you so wish. We are not involved.

It’s all yours 100%
We do not require a share or commission from any revenue you generate from referrals forwarded. That income is all yours - 100%.

The Cost

  • Premium Adviser Package - Your cost is the Business Club" membership fee paid by all club members plus the additional small cost of your own specially designed promotion page with a direct link to your web site that should generate maximum results. view example
    Includes full colour advert in the iLook online business directory.
$ (excl GST)
Advertising Fee in SRG
No fee charged
Business Club membership fee (annual)
Your full promotion page ( Setup & annual maintenance cost)
Full colour page page advert in the iLook online business directory
595.00 pa

Join NOW - don’t miss out
StartRunGrow is running its national adviser program for a short period only. Adviser numbers are strictly limited for each area. Don’t wait too long. Register online now to avoid missing out as one of the premium advisers for your region.

Unfortunately Adviser registration is not currently available in your country.