Why Client Satisfaction Surveys Are Critical

How many accountants really know what their clients think about their firm?

One way of finding out is to conduct client satisfaction surveys.  Without these surveys you won’t really know your organisation’s strengths, weaknesses or new opportunities to grow.  You are basically operating in the dark and assuming many things.  It virtually tells your clients that you don’t really care what they think of you or your service. 

It has been proven that organisations who survey their constituents to maximise the retention of their customers and improve their overall performance, do well. 

What client satisfaction surveys do is measure the satisfaction levels of the firms you serve.

A survey will enable you to solicit feedback on how to improve and how to provide a better service, which ends up in higher fees.   If you are going to do a survey, make sure you work with people who have the experience, not only to conduct the survey correctly, but also who are able to design the systems that will interpret the results obtained.

In today’s era of higher client service expectations, satisfaction surveys are essential tools to monitor the satisfaction levels of clients and help develop strategies for improvement and increasing loyalty to your practice.

During the survey process, make sure you inform clients that their opinions matter to you and that their responses will help you make changes, which will be to their benefit.

What are some of the reasons to conduct satisfaction surveys for your accounting practice or service?

  • It will increase your profits.
  • It will demonstrate to your clients your commitment and that you have by listening to them.
  • It will improve your quality of service by making changes based on feedback.
  • It improves your client retention rates, as well as your client loyalty.
  • It will provide opportunity or a platform for your unhappy clients to make known their concerns.
  • It will measure your firm’s performance.
  • It will allow you to relocate resources in areas that are of concern to your clients.

Satisfied clients are not necessarily loyal clients.  Your goal is to increase the percentage of loyal clients, not satisfied clients.  Loyal clients will stay with you because they are already satisfied. 

If you really want to improve your firm’s loyalty ratings, client satisfaction surveys should be conducted at least yearly.

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