How to Take Your Website Conversion Rate Sky-high

The statistics, according to the experts, show that a decent conversion rate should be around 1%.  In other words, one out of every 100 visitors to your website should convert to a sale of some sort.

Most people will agree that this is a low conversion ratio and that if you have a product or service to sell on your website you should always be looking for ways to improve that conversion ratio to anywhere from 3 – 5% and sometimes higher.  

It’s hard to make money where the items you are selling are of small dollar value, if you are going to be satisfied simply with the 1% conversion.  If you have huge web traffic, then of course you can accept a small conversion percentage because you are attracting thousands of visitors per day.

Most websites don’t have huge traffic, so the strategies involved in improving your website conversion rate will be critical to your survival. 

For example, if you are selling a $5 ebook and you are only attracting 100 visitors per day to your site, then a 1% conversion means that your website is making a measly $15.  Unfortunately this is very common and most websites are in this situation.

So what do you do to improve your conversion rate? 

Here are some tips:

  1. Make sure your website design is the best you can afford. 
    Make sure the site is professionally designed.  Make sure it is easy to navigate and get rid of distracting flash or other meaningless graphics that waste everybody’s time and take a long time to load.  The trick is to simplify your website and allow your visitors to get to the heart of what you are offering.
  1. Make sure it is easy for visitors. 
    Your visitors need to know what to do the instant they land on your website.  Don’t confuse them.  Don’t make them have to guess.  Tell them upfront the benefits you have available for them.
  1. Get your own domain name. 
    Websites that contain names like geocities, or angel fire, or tripod have amateur written all over them.  Get your own domain name.
  1. Watch your colours. 
    There is a lot in colours.  The colour blue suggests quality, trustworthiness, success, seriousness, calmness etc.  This is a perfect choice for sales pages.  In contrast, the colour purple suggests uncertainty and ambiguity, while yellow highlights key words and phrases.  So why use yellow to highlight keywords and phrases?  A lot of white space is good.  This makes for a much cleaner looking site and visitors find it easier to read.
  1. Contact details. 
    Make sure you put your name, telephone number and street address on your website.  This is especially important if you are selling something and you are expecting people to pay online with their credit card etc.  If people see an address where you can be located, they will be more comfortable paying online.
  1. Use testimonials. 
    See if you can get together some authentic customer testimonials and use them with your customer’s permission. They really work.
  1. Money back guarantee. 
    Visitors will be more likely to pay online if a full money back guarantee is available.  30 days is good and 60 to 90 days is even better.  If you give a guarantee, make sure you honour it.
  1. Make it easier to pay. 
    If you can, offer your customers two or three payment options.  The credit card is obviously the best, but you may offer Internet banking, or Paypal or some other way.  If you don’t make it easy for your customers to pay, they will not follow through and complete a transaction.  Most will just give up.  People use Paypal with ease, but others find that it is too much of a hassle.
  1. Accuracy. 
    Make sure that what you say is correct. Back up your claims with hard facts and indisputable evidence, or information if you need to.
  1. A good sales letter. 
    Make sure you have a powerful sales letter.  This one tip alone can make the difference in your conversion rate.  A strong and effective sales letter can easily explode the earnings you make if your product or service is good.  If you are not good at writing the right type of sales letter, hire a copywriting specialist or buy the software or letter from one of the many sites that have these available.

If you follow these steps, you will find your website’s conversion rates will improve and so will your profits. 

It may take a while to grow, but eventually the growth will be there if you stick with it. Don’t give up if it appears to be taking longer than you would like.

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