7 Cash Flow Secrets Your Accountant Never Told You
You won’t be successful in business if you omit to systematically track your income and expenses as well as record those who owe you money and others who you owe money to. Shoe boxes are for shoes, not for business records, so make sure you have proper systems in place. more..
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What is an Accountant?
A qualified accountant is generally a person who has qualified by examination, received training and is skilled in the practice of accounting.
The History of Accounting
Accounting is involved in the recording, analysing, classifying and interpreting of the financial affairs of a business.
Slash Your Accountants Fee
When you go to see your accountant do some homework. Make a list of all the things that you want to bring up with your accountant including your suggestions and queries.
A Full Accounting System
Every business needs to have an accounting system so that at any time it is able to extract information that will highlight how the business is doing.

Business Owners Only
If you own a business, make sure you familiarise yourself with what accountants do and how they can help you in your business. They will not be able to help improve your business systems, bottom line and tax savings unless you know what to ask from them and what to expect.
How to Take Your Website Conversion Rate Sky High
The statistics, according to the experts, show that a decent conversion rate should be around 1%. In other words, 1 out of every 100 visitors to your website should convert to a sale of some sort.
Is it Critical to Have the Right Accountant
Just because someone is labelled an accountant, does not necessarily mean that person will be suitable for your business. Just because you work in a garage doesn’t make you a motor car.
Pros and Cons of Partnership
Because there are two or more people involved, a partnership enables the burdens of the business to be shared. Partners give each other mutual support, as well as business companionship ...
Why Use Accountants and Bookkeepers
If you find that you need help with your business financials, it may be a good idea to consider using a bookkeeper, rather than an accountant.

Accountants Only
It’s all about service. If you are in practise, you should understand that you are in the business of serving. By serving your client and meeting his or her business needs you fulfill the function and purpose of being a practising professional – and consequently reap the rewards from it.
5 Steps to More Business from Your Accounting Clients
As more and more accountants in public practice take on the role of financial adviser to their clients, it soon becomes clear that knowing the client’s personal interests, needs and hot buttons is just as vital as sorting out their income tax problems and financial affairs.
How the Little Accounting Practice Can Beat the Big Boys
This is often done by changing the rules of the game and competing selectively. The irony is that in due course, the small accounting practice also becomes one of the big guys and then more often than not they forget about their rags to riches story.
How to Develop and Market Your Accounting Practice
They have little experience in sales or marketing, and are usually lacking in people skills. They are generally ineffective at marketing their services as a whole and as a result do not grow as much as they should.
Recover from loss of Large Accounting Client
Many accountancy practices specialise in small and medium business clients simply because they are fearful of putting a lot of time and effort into a large client who may leave them for a larger accounting firm or who may decide to develop their own internal accounting department in the future.
What They Dont Teach Accountants at University.
The cost of going through university and obtaining an accounting degree jumps higher and higher each year. For some accountancy students, the completion of an accounting degree can set them back from $20 - $50,000. On top of that, it takes a lot of hard work to achieve the qualification.


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