9. When you don’t need to file a return

Warning 9
You don’t need to file a tax return if your yearly income was from Salaries and Wages only (and no more than $200 in interest and dividends) and your employer has been deducting the correct FED INCOME TAX throughout the year. Your tax is automatically calculated by the IRS for you and the FED INCOME TAX deducted should be the correct amount that you would have had to pay.

If you receive other income such as interest and dividends of more than $200 or other income from rentals, partnership, estates, business etc the you will have to file an IR 3 tax return.

This change cuts down a great deal of work, but it could be at your expense. The suggestion is to work out your tax anyway, and if the IRS owe you money send in your returns fast. If you owe them money, it’s up to you.