Too Much made of Venture Capital

Make Sure VC's Don't Waste Your Time
If you are an entrepreneur wanting to launch or expand your business, the hurdles that you will need to cross in order to obtain venture capital are much higher now than they were some years ago. Many VC firms are still feeling the damage done by the dot com crash and many of them are staggering from heavy losses because of that disaster. The dot com crash has made many VC firms careful and sensitive when choosing investments.
" In general,up to 99% of business owners who seek funding through a VC will end up wasting their time and money ..."

Even though the dot com is dead, VC's are still moving into investment involving technology and software companies. This area is still bubbling along well. Software, for some reason, has claimed the top spot for 10 of the past 12 years so the lure is still there.

Nevertheless, it is...

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