Basic Things for Security

Security - a Must for Protection Today
Small stores and private homes are prime targets for burglars and robbers. Seeking dark and easy to enter stores, burglars usually operate at night. Attracted by careless displays of cash, robbers often strike at opening or closing time or when customer traffic is light.

Because you may be the victim of a robbery or a burglary in your area, you should be aware of precautionary measures to lessen the impact of these two crimes.

Burglary - any Unlawful Entry by Anyone
Burglary is any unlawful entry to commit a felony or a theft, even though no force is used to gain entrance.

Retailers whose stores have been broken into know that burglaries are costly. What these business owners may not be aware of is that the number of burglaries has doubled in the past several years and, therefore, they may be two , three or four time losers if the trend is not reversed. Moreover, few burglars are caught; almost 80 percent of burglaries go unsolved. Arrest and prosecution are difficult because of a lack of witnesses or evidence to ide...

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