Negative Gearing and Other

Go for the first day purchase - if you feel right
Some buyers find their ideal home the first day they start looking. They become nervous because they didn't expect it to be so easy and consequently they delay making a decision and when they do decide to go ahead, they find it has been sold. They then carry on searching, but often they don't come across anything they like as much as the first property. The warning is that if you find the right home the first day, think seriously about buying.

The Right Time to Buy
When an agent tells you that “now is the right time” to buy, what this means is that it is the right time to buy for the sake of the agent and his/her commission. For you, the right time to buy is when you come across the right home - not before.

No ID Required for Open Homes?
You can't put $100 of your own money into a bank account in most countries without full identification and a credit check. Yet you can walk into anyone's home during an “open home” without even the basic need to provide ID.

Remember, if you are having an open house...

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