Sexual Harassment Rights

Personal Grievance
If you have been sexually harassed in your workplace, you can take a personal grievance claim to your country's Employment Authority.

An employee may bring a personal grievance on the grounds of sexual harassment where:

  • An employer or employer's representative has subjected the employee to sexual harassment (see below), or

  • A fellow employee or one of the employer's customers or clients has subjected the employee to sexual harassment, and the employer has failed to take practical steps to deal with the conduct (see below)

Sexual harassment by Employers or their representatives
An employee may bring a personal grievance for sexual harassment if the employee is requested by the employer to engage in sexual activity, or if the employer engages in unwelcome or offensive behaviour of a sexual nature as shown below:

  1. Requests for sexual activity - An employee is sexually harassed when an employer or employer's representative makes a request, directly or indirectly, of that employee for sexual intercourse...

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