Wisdom for Success

'Advice worth Millions'
What's the big question you'd ask a multi-millionaire if you could?

Odds are it would be - "How did you do it?

A USA Magazine published a book some time ago that revealed some of the secrets of successful young entrepreneurs.

Here are some of the advice and secrets:

  • Kenneth Felberbaum, owner of Viam Communications Group, Ltd.: "You have to be positive, but you also have to be very realistic about things and be ready to react to unexpected situations. You have to understand the market before you take the plunge into business."

  • Daymond John, co-owner of FUBU The Collection: "Never give up. [If] you get knocked down, just get back up and approach the situation in a different way."

  • John Chuang, owner of MacTemps, Inc.: "Commit to your business -- don't just do it on the side. If you have a vision and really believe in it, you should commit to it wholeheartedly."

  • Andre Taylor, owner of Interactive Sports, Inc.: "The less money you have...

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