Tips for Winning

Are You a Winner or a Loser?
How often have we heard the statement, 'He is a real loser.' For some reason everyone seems to know what the label should be. Other people are either winners or losers.

Here are a few comments that are food for thought.

  • Winners work their way through problems. Losers try and evade problems.
    If you come across a problem, don't ignore it and certainly, don't try and go around it. Problems do not go away. Problems only disappear when you work through them and conquer them. Solve the problem and then keep moving on. If you try and go around it you will never get past it. Problems are only temporary hold-ups that we can find a solution to and then eventually fix it for good.

  • Winners are committed. Losers make empty promises.
    Too many people make promises they have no intention of keeping. Too many people give their word when they know that they will end up breaking it. A winner keeps his/her word. They commit themselves to what they have said or promised. If you are to be a winner and therefore succe...

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