Warnings about Property

Get Debt Free and Keep Debt Free
The worst mistake that homebuyers make is one of the worst mistakes people in society make - they go into too much debt. Debt rarely leads to security. It is tragic when the high debt level, which was necessary to acquire the home, puts stress on the whole family, when the home was meant to bring the family together and provide security. The first aim of all families should be to own their own family home debt free.

Things go Up and Down
Real estate does not always go up. Sometimes it comes down. It all depends on the market, the timing, and the economy. Anything that can rise in value can also drop.

Ask the Agent for Reasons
If a realtor pushes you on to a property and indicates that it is a good buy, ask for their reasons. Once the agent has explained all the benefits and why you should not let the property go, ask him/her this simple question.

"If you think this property is so good, and I go ahead and buy it and make a loss, are you pre...

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