Prepare your Home

The Main ways to Spruce up your Property
It's easy to fix up your property if you have unlimited cash available. For most owners this is not the case, so you need to do what is necessary to attract buyers and keep your costs down.

Some ways to improve your properties, using very little cash, are:

  1. Doors - Improve the doors: It's very easy to replace doors. If the property has ugly doors replace them with nice, modern doors, which can be painted or sprayed, to give them a new improved look.

  2. Electrical - Replace the electrical switch plates: This doesn't cost much money. Many home owners will try and sell a property, leaving on the old ugly switch plates. You can replace them at a low cost.

  3. Door Handles - Change the door handles: This also is a low cost item that can make a difference to the total appearance.

  4. Trim - Replace the trim: If you can't afford to paint the whole home, consider just painting the trim. If the trim is worn, cracked or ugly it creates a poor impression.

  5. Front Door - Change the front door. The ...

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