Appraise and Set Price

Get an Appraisal before Negotiating
A good appraisal will let you know what your property is worth before you begin negotiating with a buyer.

The steps are:

" Appraisal is simply an opinion of the worth of your property ..."

  1. Arrange for an appraisal with a local appraisal firm. This can also be organised by a property valuer, if you are looking for a full professional valuation, to price your property. Hopefully the appraisal will come in at a price that will give you a profit. If it comes in at a price lower than anticipated and you have already commenced negotiations, then you will be in an awkward bargaining position. This is the reason why it is best to wait and see how the figures come out.

  2. Interview at least two valuers or appraisers and check their references: The worth or creditability of your appraisal will sometimes come ...

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