Make the Offer

Determine the Seller's Motivation
If you want to know how much to offer on the home for sale, try and find out how motivated the seller is.

Some steps you can look at are:

" Home owner/sellers are often very reluctant to reveal their reasons for selling ..."

  1. Ask the property owner their reasons for selling, or if that's not possible, ask the real estate agent to find out for you.

  2. Ask the real estate owner to check the multiple listing service (if they use it) for an indication of why the owners are selling, for example, buying a new property , moving into another area for school, job transfer, etc. If you know the motivation, this may have a bearing on the offer and the deal. For example, they may have to move because of a job transfer or because of financial difficulties, or divorce, etc. Your offer may therefore be lower than what y...

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