Buying by Internet

Buying By Internet
Many property owners sell their homes on the Internet to avoid paying estate agent's commission  They also want to reach a different and possibly greater audience and advertising on the Internet can often achieve this.

Many people who advertise property on the Internet are not real estate agents. Many also are.

Agents sometimes publish information relating to private home sales or private properties (owned by individuals) on the owner's behalf.

Some agents offer the private seller a low fee to advertise with them using their own interactive website. Sometimes they do this by mutual publishing arrangements with various partners. Sometimes they allow a sale sign to be displayed at the actual property, but in general agents do nothing more than advertise on the Internet and hope to sell a client's property that way.

As a buyer it's a good idea to be aware of what agents sometimes do because some purported "private sales" may not be private at all.

What to Watch For
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