Negotiate the Sale

Principles of Negotiation

Principle 1: Always go for a win-win.
This is to do with arranging things so each party comes out of the negotiations happy. For example, the buyers may be happy to increase their price by $1,000 if you bring settlement forward two weeks because it will enable them to make arrangements with the movers and arrive in their new property on time.

This is a win-win situation; when both parties give a little and are happy with the final consequence. In this case they can make their arrangements for removal and arrival at their new property on the planned date and you as seller are happy to bring forward the date of settlement (which did not make any difference to you anyway) and you get an extra $1,000 for your trouble.

Principle 2: Sometimes it's not just about the money.

When negotiating with sellers, something buyers make the mistake of thinking that price is everything. In many cases this is not correct. Sellers may happily accept an offer from a buyer who is prepared to rush inspections so the deal can be settled sooner. This enables the seller ...

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