Manage the Property

Do you Manage Yourself or have a Property Manager?
It's possible to manage the rental property yourself. If you do, it will save management fees, but it can be time consuming and difficult on home life, with tenants ringing all hours, complaining about all sorts of things.

The best option for most people is having a professional property manager to manage the properties. There are advantages in employing a manager apart from the time saving and the freedom from the problems.

The managers have access to trades people, so work can be done quickly and cheaply. They also deal with selecting potential tenants, which is a lot of work checking references, credit worthiness, etc.

They deal with tenants all the time so they have experience dealing with the likes and dislikes of tenants.

How to Manage Rental Property
If you plan to manage the rental property yourself, you need to get organised because you will need all your management skills, as well as a fair dosage of patience.

The following are a few things to think ab...

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