Buying it Yourself

Buying It Yourself
There is no reason why you as an investor, cannot buy the property yourself without the need to go through an agent or attend auctions. Many property advertisements clearly state ‘no agents' or ‘principals only', indicating that the seller wants to deal directly with the buyer. The owner of the property usually tells you that this makes the house cheaper because they don't have to pay commission to their selling agent.

Options for Buying Privately
Options for buying it yourself are:

  1. Work with private companies:
    There are a number of companies available in the marketplace who specialise in helping property owners sell their properties. This is another avenue available to you. These companies usually advertise a description of the house as well as the contact number of the owner but don't show the actual house.

  2. Deal with owners:
    There are advantages in dealing direct with the owner of the property.

  3. Advertise or Enquire about properties
    You ...

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